Industrial Revolution DBQ Essay

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Ashley Boyd
Mr. Allen
World History
The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution had many positives, such as transportation, iron production, and railroads. It all started in Europe during the nineteenth century, it changed the way the things are today. Everything started advancing from this point on, such as medicines and technology.
The Industrial Revolution had more of a positive impact than negative on the lives of people.
The Industrial Revolution had a positive impact on people’s lives because of transportation. Transportation was faster, cheaper, and more efficient. In doc 9, it shows the how long it would take to get from London to different places. Before the steam engine, it took 11 hours to get from London to Birmingham. After the steam engine it took 3. Transportation was better for trade as well. “In this way, we have obtained means to increase home and foreign trade immeasurably...and moreover to deliver goods three times as quickly.” (Doc 10). Due to transportation, communication was better. “3. No existing communication was interrupted.”
(Doc 10). In final consideration, transportation was better for the people.
The living conditions were robust, there was more production, and things were cheaper.
In Doc 4, it states, “Your houses are better built, your clothes are cheaper, you have an infinite number of domestic utensils.” That proves that things were more productive, and things such as clothes and transportation was cheaper. The living conditions were fit for the people. In Doc 5, it is saying that children were entirely fed, clothed, and educated.

Although the impact on the people’s lives were positive, some may say that they negative due to how much they worked and illnesses. In Doc 1, a man named William Cooper describes his working