Essay on Industrial Revolution or the Difference Between Right and Wrong

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Industrial Revolution or the Difference between Right and Wrong
The people hear about it, the industry owners know about it, and it is affecting everyone. Man, female, or child it does not matter. This ‘thing’ is swarming over cities, leaving no person untouched. Others may find it before you or you may find it before them, but it will eventually have everyone. Its name can be Industrial Revolution, maybe easy profit, or the Great Depression II, you could even call it George it does not matter for the result will be the same. The Industrial Revolution is opening people’s eyes to understand what it feels like to be used as a game piece, as the high employers play with people’s lives. This topic is a start to many terrible things to come for us the people. The Industrial Revolution is the transition to new manufacturing processes, ways that make you the worker have to fight for work. While the owners and employers sit up in their offices, counting the money that your sweat and work is making him, and you just get little scraps off the table for your work. The working conditions and wages can change to the snap of the employer’s hand, meaning you could get a raise and deduction in the same hour. These high rollers get to control the prices so that their pockets can be filled to the top. These employers have found child labor to be very beneficial for cost cutting purposes, for the children are paid barely anything and they can complete the jobs requiring small fingers. Women also are cheaper to pay then the men, again a good way to cut cost for these big time factory owners. Now for you that work in the mining industry, be ready to work deeper and longer. Coal is becoming more valuable and higher demand. As well people are coming into town to take or share your job, so be ready to give up or share your home. The towns and cities are getting enormous population increases. As well, believe it or not, our government is taking an interest in our children’s education. The schools are being funded by the government. Now the issue at hand is will all that money makes it way to help the children and their education. Technology is really advanced in the past twenty-years. Machinery used to be very expensive and only a hand full of people were able to purchase and maintenance it. As technology and machinery progress in its complexity and abilities, architecture is headed in the opposite direction. The time spent on buildings now is to be able to get it done and move to the next one. This has allowed for the cost of house building to decrease as well. A common working day in a factory is close to twelve to fourteen hours long. Workers labor six days a week in eighty degree temperature, with dangerous machinery that does not have the proper guarding around it. This resulting in injuries, loss of limbs, and perhaps even death. The children are working as much as the grown adults. The women must work also to provide for their families, they get paid to about a third of what the men receive. Another issue is the mining occupation, the conditions the miners (men, women, and children) are