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Industrial Revolution Essay
The Industrial Revolution refers to a time in European history where a massive economic and technological change took place that changed the way a human lived with the emergence of new agricultural techniques and modernized technology.
The first sight of Revolution originated in England, when the textile production company started to prosper because of the invention of the Spinning Jenny along with the construction of new factories that increased the production of items at a lower price.
These decreased prices along with a bigger production allowed these companies to make even more money than before. The banking industry also began to see the need for entrepreneurs who could lead the path into spreading their industry to others by creating a banking system. Coal mines had also flourished because of the newfound use for this mineral as fuel to burn to power some of the newer machinery being brought into the world. Producing coal became six percent of the natural income despite having a small work force. These individual, thriving industries showed that the Revolution was a time of drastic economic change for Europe.
The rise of new technology allowed the Revolution to make progress because it altered the ways tasks were done in Europe. These new machines were mostly put into use in factories and could be operated by anyone due to the simplicity that it was created with. This was also the time of the steam engines, an invention that became the new power source for factories, caused a change on transportation, and allowed for deeper mining. Canals and railways opened the way for more efficient transportation on water and land due to the ease of access that they possess. The appearance of canals

originated from when Britain began to utilize their waterways for transport because how it took less effort than it did on land. However, canals began to be overshadowed by newer railways powered by