Industry Analysis: Free Mobile In The French Market

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Marketing Communication Paper 1: Industry analysis
Free Mobile in the French Market.
I’m an exchange student; I already apologize for my English grammar and spelling.
In 2012, a big change came into the French market for mobile operators (such as Fido, or Rogers here). Free, which was an internet suppliers, just launched his mobile service: Free mobile. It is a big revolution in the French market that only had 3 big brands since the mobile service exists, for more than 15 years now: SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange. It’s also a revolution because Free came with offers more than 50% less expensive than its competitors, which are according themselves on high prices for such a long time. 1) French mobile operator’s market.
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| Again, for Free internet’s client, this offer will be 0€/month. | ii. Positioning : Free mobile is clearly positioned as the lowest price in the market, but in the same time it’s not what we call “low cost” because it offers the same service as “premium” operators. The only difference is that Free don’t sell mobile as the others: you can buy a mobile with your offer but you pay it separately, the real cost of the mobile. It’s not included in the offer, as it is for the competitors. Free mobile wants to be perceived as the trouble maker, the one who does something for the people and “not for the profit”, as the one which makes accessible the unlimited to everyone. They are an operator defined by those words: cheap, honest, simple, best value, for everyone. iii. Target
The thing which is difficult with Free is that they are targeting almost everyone speaking of gender, ages, and social status. I mean, even if you’re not a really big consumer of phone calls, the unlimited offer is still less expensive than a 1 or 2hours/ month offer. They think about an evolution in the sens of more and more consummation of mobile internet and phone calls, which is actually the case. Since Free doesn’t include the price of the mobile device in its price (they don’t really sell it themselves), they first talk to people who already have a phone.
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