Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs And Transformational Leadership

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Individual OB Application

This assignment is going to identify and explain two organizational behaviour concepts which are Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the transformational leadership, and then I will demonstrate my understanding of them by applying these concepts to my student life.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is very common in our life. The hierarchy of needs is based on a pyramid of five needs. The only way you can reach the top is by starting at the bottom and fulfilling each need. Maslow said that most people do not reach self-actualization. According to Maslow, these traits develop once a person has satisfied the other more basic needs (Nelson, Quick, Wright, & Adams, 2012, p.70). As I am an international student and I have been there for over two years. I feel that if I want to have a wonderful experience in New Zealand, I have to motivate myself in this environment otherwise I will feel boring and homesick. Although my parents provide the money for me to live here, I need to plan my budget. I found a rent to live firstly when I came to Hamilton and I tried hard to learn how to drive here.After I fullfilled my physiological need, I really felt lonely. My landlord recommended me to go to the Church. This was the first time I am in contact with Christian I read Bible and it changed my values. I felt a sense of belonging and safety.

Then I decided to be baptized after six months. At the third stage, I made lots of friends in the church and also I met my boyfriend. They all christian and we prayed together. That was the happiest time in that year. I like to challenge myself, so I found a part-time job in Hamilton which is working in a Thailand restaurant. I knew my English is still improving but I just want to make a achievement in my student life. At this stage, my personal ability has got boss’s recognition. And I got some praise from the customer. I not only improved my English during my work time but also felt more confident. I am currently doing a business which is selling New Zealand products to China. Although it is very busy, because of my study and other activities, I still insist on this business. This is a dream that is when I was a child, I really want to become a business man just like my father. I think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs happens everywhere, not only in the workplace but also be changed according to your roles and environments. And in the self-actualisation part, people have different ways to achieve this stage. However, thanks for the God, he taught me a lot and I think anyone who rely on him can achieve anything.

The second one I would like to talk is about leadership. Because I attend to church’s activities very often and be willing to help other people. So I become