Inequality: Artificial Intelligence and Argo Raquel Acie Essay

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Artificial Intelligence 1

Artificial Intelligence INF 103 Computer Literacy Robin Argo Raquel Acie November 21, 2012 Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it. So many people are unaware of what Artificial Intelligence is and how it fits into our world. The first time I heard of the name Artificial Intelligence it was from the movie that came out that was produced by Steven Spielberg and the movie gave in site on Robots and computers that regular people would not quite know about. I think that the intelligence for computers and robots is very fascinating because it shows how far we have came along with computers and robotics. The history of American intelligence goes into details about the creation of computers and other Artificial intelligence. We have learned that evidence of Artificial Intelligence folklore can be traced back to the ancient Egypt. From, that folklore we have since created the first computer in 1941 and that is when the technology finally became available to create machine intelligence. The word " Artificial Intelligence" was coined at Dartmouth conference in 1956. Many say that the computer was the start of the Artificial Intelligence but in the 1950's that is when Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence was really noticed and