Infamy Without An I

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Words: 1881
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Infamy without an I

“One new message from Porky”
Coki throws his sheets off of him and presses the voicemail button:
“Corki I cannot wait to see you tonight, I’m super excited for our special nigh-”
While waiting for Porky to proceed in the details of their date tonight, Corki hears a faint huffing and puffing in the background noise.
At this unexpected noise Corki throws the telephone at the wall and yells:
In a fit of rage Corki puts on his coat and storms out the door. As he is approaching Porky’s house he angrily murmurs to himself:
“You ungrateful swine after all I’ve done for you!”
At that instant the wind picks up and a lone piece of straw floats by Corki. He looks down and realizes there are pieces of broken sticks upon the ground. Suddenly a wave of fear overcomes Corki when he instantly rushes past the corner and notices bricks littering the street.
“Oh no!” mutters Corki under his breath.
With his short, stubby legs, Corki rushes to Porky’s house but realizes he is too late when he is standing in a pool of blood. Throwing himself among the ground, he begins to crawl towards the shambles of the house that was once built with straw, sticks, and bricks. Abruptly, Corki yells in anguish when he crawls upon a short, stubby hoof in the rumble. Picking up Porky’s innocent hoof he realizes all he ever wanted to do was marry the love of his life and now he’s most certain he’ll never see her again. Bursting into tears he notices an abnormal wolf print imprinted on the dirt alongside the hoof. Quickly discovering that the wolf paw has an extra toe, Corki struggles to remember where he had last seen the irregular symbol. With a mixture of emotions, and feeling disgusted with himself for believing Porky would cheat on him, Corki unexpectedly discovers that he had witnessed such an abnormal wolf print once during his childhood. Quite suddenly he pictures his childhood back in Porkland.
Once upon a time in the vast nation of Porkland, in the small village of Wolfia lived three little pigs with their beloved mother and father. During this period of history in Wolfia, the village was separated into three districts: the straw district in which the poor lived, the stick district where the middle class resided, and the brick district where only the wealthy were allowed. Due to class distinctions, none of the lower class pigs were able to associate themselves with the upper or middle class pigs.
Remembering his childhood, Corki instantly reminisces on a specific memory when the entire city of Wolfia was under complete distress. During this period of time he remembered none of the lower classes were able to associate with any of the upper classes. He; however, could care less and went over to hang out with his friends of the lower classes on a daily basis. Although he was always at the straw and stick districts and almost every day seemed to be quite identical, he recalled a day when he had left the house of his friends Casey and Corky in the straw district to rush back and help his family with dinner. Even though Corki was a piglet at the time and was only about a year old, he remembered that specific day with great detail because of the horrific incidents which had occurred. Upon leaving his friends behind to help with dinner, Corki heard multiple gunshots and fatal screams. He remembered scurrying back to his friend’s house to find a pack of wolves known as the Storm Wolves standing among the dead pigs. Hurrying out of the straw district and into the stick district in order to save his life, he witnessed an abundant of lifeless pigs piled high on top of one another. Frozen with disbelief, he knew that if the straw and stick district had been attacked, it was highly likely that the brick district had not been spared. Running through the pile of dead bodies and trying to avoid the Storm Wolves, Corki arrived home and noticed his entire family was lined up outside his home.