Infant Observation Paper

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Observation #1 Infant
The child: The infant is around 3 months old. He is very small for his age but is very happy, healthy child. This child come from a small family, with the baby being their first child. I spoke to the infant’s teacher about his background, and he is born in Chicago, Illinois to a set of Palestinian parents. The child is constantly around his extended families, so the child is constantly cuddled, showing affection, and showering the baby with love. Both parents are hardworking people. Mom work as a second grade teacher in her local community mosque, while dad work as a dentist in a shared office.
Date and Time: I observe the child on April 9, 2018 at 8:30 am.
Setting: This observation took place at the local daycare.
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As I sat in the corner of the room, the child is already crying for some attention, or to be fed. After the infant had already been fed, the infant’s teacher place the child on the floor by the toys. Instead of playing with the toys, the child, instead play with their hands and feet, and listening to the sounds from the bouncers, or following the teacher’s voice.
Comment/Analysis: The child’s current development level is within normal range. His play behavior is good for his age group. He is like to play with his hands and feet a lot more than playing with toys. He can also grasp the adult fingers really well! During drop off, I noticed the child is recognizing their parents’ voice, and their presence. He is more interest in playing with his hands and feet than playing with
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During the observation, the child had shared the toys, play well with one another, and enjoy circle time. She is also a very good walker, and has good balance. The toddler also know how to say, “Hi” and blow out kisses especially to her teachers. She also recognize her family photo out of the other toddlers’ family photo, which is good. She also listen very well and understand her teachers. If someone tell the toddler it is time for a diaper change, she would go to the diaper changing area, and would get change. She seem like a very smart toddler who is achieving their developments one by