Infant Self Regulation

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While television can be somewhat educational, parents should regulate how often their child watches television and should remove it completely from children who are two years or younger because it is not always intellectually stimulating and could prevent social interaction, delay the cognitive development of children two years or younger and cause behavior problems as they grow older.
Many times, you will see children in restaurants, grocery stores etc. with electronic devices and if taken from them that child may act out and or cause a scene. Parents should regulate how often their children watch tv to create healthier media habits for their children. Many parents use television as a babysitter not knowing the harmful effects it may have
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There was an article titled Infant Self-Regulation and Early Childhood Media Exposure in this article 5 authors conduct a research on self – regulation problems and media exposure at 2 years of age. By using a database of 7450 children from nine months to two years of age. This research basically proved that most children only watch tv because their parents used it as a coping strategy. The parents of the children were given the tools and information for these authors to successfully conduct their research. When the research finished and completed the researchers encouraged all parents to strongly provide alternatives to their children than portable devices, television, or any type of media for that matter. Young children ages from 6wks-23 months of age have a challenging time focusing on music and pictures on a screen. The “Bedroom Media” article noted that “young children’s working memory may be overloaded when required to process two separate components of a video simultaneously.” (Barr, Shuck, Salerno, Atkinson, & Linebarger, 2010). Which is why the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that parents should avoid media exposure until the child is at least two years of age.
Exposing children to media can also affect their behavior. Many parents allow their children to watch television at meal time. Which causes aggression when media is not available at the time when he or she may want it. Games, movies, and even the news contain aggressive media and can often cause children to become desensitized to violence. The media can often make things seem scarier or worse than they may seem. Which causes many aggressive behavior issues for their children. Therefore, by reducing the exposure to media may help reduce the harmful effects that it may