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Victoria Ruiz
Professor Anderson
English 1301
20 October, 2014
The Difference between Infatuation and Love Love can be described as a feeling of happiness. When a person loves someone, he or she wants to do everything he or she can to make that person content. Everything is about this person. Infatuation is an intense emotion of attraction to someone. Being infatuated with someone means that they are obsessed with the thought of someone else. They desire being in the presence of the person they are crazy about. Their physical features stand out most rather than what lies beneath the surface. Love and infatuation are both passionate feelings at first and can have a person feeling all warm and gushy inside. Although infatuation and love have some of the same qualities, there are a few characteristics that they do not share such as; differences in intimacy, commitment levels, and longevity. With love comes a sense of confidence. For instance, when a person loves someone this person is constantly trying to make the other person feel good about themselves. Always complimenting them; calling them beautiful or handsome even when that person does not exactly feel that way about themselves. All of the admiration and gratitude that the person receives can have them feeling like a million bucks. As long as they are reassured by their significant other of how important they mean to them and how much they impact their life in a positive way, nothing or anyone can bring them down. Infatuation, on the other hand, is sometimes described as being selfish. He or she wants the other person to tend to their wants and needs. This person wants to be complimented, wants to be praised, and basically uses the other person to make them feel good about themselves and wanting the other person to expect nothing in return. The bond and closeness between two people who are in love and two people who are infatuated differ because one is real with emotions; feeling safe and secure with their loved one. Whereas, infatuation is just a delusional mix of feelings. This person thinks that they love the other person and would do anything for them, but in most cases when the going gets tough these thoughts tend to change. When two people have grown in deep connection with each other and are in a stable relationship, they are most likely to make plans about spending their life with one another in the future. They become each other’s best friend and it is like a partnership between the two of them. Both are loyal to one another and are willing to work through differences that they might come across such as trust issues or financial problems. Being in love with someone means that they are committed to this person and no one else compares to the person that they love. There is no one smarter, funnier, or more attractive than the person that they have chosen to be with. In contrast, there is a lack of commitment that comes with infatuation. For example, a person can be in a relationship but can have other people’s attention. This person can easily be charmed by other people and can be flirtatious with others despite the fact that this person is in a relationship. The connection between an infatuated couple might not be as deep but they are with each other because they keep each other company and fulfill each other’s sexual needs. The relationship may not be exclusive because they do not see it going anywhere. The two of them might feel like they do not like one another’s