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Unit 2: Introduction to Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings.
1. Understand what is required for competence in own work role
It is important to make sure that my own personal beliefs and attitudes do not obstruct my quality of work. An example could be that I don’t agree with smoking. Although this is the case, it is important that I allow residents who do require to smoke to do so. If they need to be watched due to a risk assessment to ensure they are safe then it is my duty as a carer to do so. Another example is if a person is overweight it is not for me to pass judgement. However, it would be my job to try and explain the consequences involved with this and to encourage residents to eat a balanced and healthy diet in order for them to be of an ideal weight.
2. Be able to reflect on own work activities
In order to develop knowledge it is important to reflect on your practices. This is because by self evaluating constantly we are able to ensure that a person centred care is given to each service user. By identifying what has worked well and what hasn’t and also by observing others people’s practices we can incorporate this into the care we give.
An example of where I have evaluated my work is when assisting a resident with personal care the approach one of my collegues took enabled them to feel less agitated and calm. Therefore I have learned how to be with this resident whilst assisting with personal care in order for the quality of care I give to be better. Another example is where I have learnt to be able to prioritise for example due to pressure area care it is important that a resident is turned when due this is to prevent any red areas or sores. Another example is when toileting it would be beneficial to assist the people who were up earlier first to prevent them being incontinent. Although it is important to be aware of these it is also important to allow flexibility to ensure all the residents are comfortable and happy.
3. Be able to develop own