Infectious Disease and Ola Salem Essay

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By: Ola Salem
May 15, 2013
As we all know here in the UAE and almost every other country, after birth, every baby born is entitled to follow a nationwide immunization plan, according to a federal law on communicable diseases passed to the FNC here in the UAE. Which is basically a vaccination system or scheduled vaccinations that they have to undertake and follow for several months or years to ensure a better tomorrow for their child
The article that I found was by Ola Salem, released a couple of days ago about “Vaccinate your children or face fines, proposed UAE law states”
Parents who fail to have their children vaccinated could be fined up to Dh10,000.
It also requires anyone who believes they may have a communicable disease to report it to the nearest medical centre or the Ministry of Health. So officials can start investigating the origin of infection, and take steps to prevent its further spread.
If they are a student or a teacher, they will not be allowed back to school or work until they are clear of illness. They will be entitled to sick leave during this time.
The minister will have the power to order establishments, including schools, cinemas, fun fairs and gyms, to close temporarily and undergo decontamination if they are identified as a source of infection.
The diseases that must be reported immediately include anthrax, cholera, diphtheria,…