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Luke Dinh
It makes all the sense in the worl that environment has a major effect on who we are,but it’s not the only thing that effect our behavior or who we are.In my opinion our personality is truly affected by the environment we live in but we are also affected by other parameters.But when we considered every causes as our environment still that’s not what we are product of.We are actually a product of our choices.We choose to live the way we are living now.
Environmental in psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology that focuses on the study of the interrelationship between the environment and human behavior. Within this field, the term environment is broadly defined to include the natural, or physical, environments, the social environments, built environments, learning environments, and informational environments.However, scientists on the other side claim that only the environment matters when determining human traits and skills. Upbringing is the overriding factor, meaning that if your child is gay, you probably raised him that way. Many of these scientist maintain they can train or teach anyone to be anything they choose for them to be, totally discounting natural variations. More studies on twins, these identical show they are never exactly alike regardless of how they are raised, no matter what.
Social influence such as Unhealthy Eating Behavior for example,different aspescts make a healthy,intelligent adolescent child acquire an unhealthy obsession with weight.Considering the social influences on adolescent perception of seld and acceptance related to their body and beauty are numerous.Individual factors influence partially on a development of obsessive and harmful behavior associate with disorders.However family member,peers,and even the mass media may have stronger influence on human.