Essay on Influence of Diversity, Attitude, Learning, and Work Styles

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Collaboration Worksheet

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

• What are the advantages of having diversity in a collaborative learning environment?

I believe a few advantages of having diversity in a collaborative learning environment is being more aware and open to differing points of views, it also improves the ability to think critically and also collaboration is essential in almost any career. Every person has their own opinions and ideals about many different subjects. When that person collaborates with other people many different ideals will surface from many different perspectives and point of views that other people or collaborators have never considered as an ideal before the collaboration. After everyone gets their ideals and thoughts out and in the open it will become easier to make decisions amongst each other. Some studies have shown that students have done better on test when collaborating with other students than alone. Being able to work with other students also can make people better critical thinkers because they are able to get information and ideals from other people which broadens their thinking about different ideals and subjects.

• How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect collaboration?

There are many factors that can affect collaboration, like diversity, attitude, learning and work styles. Diversity can affect collaboration by the way each individual in the group takes in perspective everything around them. Some judge by their personal experiences and go just based on that. So if they’ve had bad experiences with people that are similar to those in their group, they can start being judgmental towards that certain person or others in the group. That bad experience can become negative and just lead them to stereotype individuals without knowing how they really are. Attitude is very important to maintain positive at all times to have a positive outcome within the group. If you’ve had a bad day it is best to leave that behind and continue your day because if you come in with a bad attitude, that bad attitude will also be brought to the table affecting the collaboration within the group. Everyone has different styles of learning. When learning, it is best not to give up even at your worst when you feel what you are reading or discussing is not making any sense. Find ways to develop interest in what you are learning so it can be easier for you to understand it and store it. If you don’t do your best you will ignore it, forget it or just give up. That will definitely affect collaboration because you will be missing out in understanding what’s going on in the learning aspects of your group. As for work styles, some individuals want to