Influence of Evil on the Society: An Evaluation of Critical Analysis of Lord of the Flies Essay

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Every society or civilization has their positive and negative aspects. Every society can flourish or get ripped apart. The reason why society falls apart is because of violence, cruelty, and evil within the people of that society. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, one of the main characters, Jack, possesses an evil in him that ultimately rips the society of boys on the isolated island apart. Jack has a violent way of solving problems (which usually involve killing or hurting) as well as an evil and mean way of treating those who he doesn’t like, such as always telling Piggy to shut up and mocking him endlessly. Jack influences some of the boys with his attitude, and eventually, these boys join his tribe. His evil appeals to some of the people but not to others, and in the end, the society is torn in half. In the Critical Analysis of the psychological insights in LOTF by KM Parivelan, there is another example of cruelty tearing apart a society. Jack has a passion for power. In a group, the followers must imitate the leader. The evil, violent, and cruel traits of Jack spring up within the followers, and as KM Parivelan states, “their theology is demonology and their god is devil.” Following Jack’s leadership, what was once one group is now split apart, because of the evil traits. In “Why Boys Become Vicious” by William Golding, it says that “In Russia after the First World War, there were, I believe, gangs of children