Influence Of Money In Schindler

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Award winning film “Schindlers List” directed by Steven Spielberg is a must see film about World War profitierOskar Schindler who ended up saving 1100 Jews. Oskar Schindler has made decisions influenced by money, shown by lighting,by a change of personality with camera shota and by the Nazi regime shown with dialogue.

Oskar Schindler is influenced by money to make money in the beginning. Steven Spielberg shows the influencing with lighting techniques on the money. The scene at the restaurant near the beginning shows Oskar handing over money to the waiter, the money is shownwith a close-up shot and in full light. The light on the money shows how the money is significant to Schindler.As Schindler is in the restaurant 'eyeing ' the Nazi officers, he get the waiter to get them some drinks, “Bring them all a round of drinks, you can say they are from me” in this scene there is a close-up of the money in light. The money in light foreshadows that the money is 'life' as near the end, Schindler is saveing the Jews by buyiong them from Goeth. The restaurant scene also shows that the money is influencing Schindler, as he is there because he is wanting the Nazi officers to help himmake a war profitier company. Steven Spielberg made effective use of the lighting because it not only shows how money is significant, it also shows that is foreshadows the ending.

The Nazi regime influence Oskar Schindler through out the film as because of this regime, Schindler has made war profiteer buissiness. In the beginning of the film