Influence Of Race On Public Safety

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Can Race Influences Public Safety Policies Outcome?
Unit 2 Assignment 1
Ann-Marie Cameron
Capella University
Dr. Peace
April 21, 2016

The United States is considered the most racially diverse nation in the world. Our economic prosperity, are not shared by many societies. Americans, especially people of color our criminal justice system. Within this paper we will examine how race can influence their outcome and public safety policies. Many departments throughout the USA are viewing the public safety system with new eyes, and it is not is a good way, thereby they are always looking for ways to improve their relationship and understanding with the communities, because since race or culture tends to always be on the
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Solutions that should be considered for the workplace and the public safety when it come down to race: A) In clear terms explain the policies and the zero tolerance of any form of bias within or outside in public, whether they are in uniform or not, because the public holds them to a higher standard; B) Make sure they understand the overall framework of their organization, and to report any form of racial or bias act to their leaders, HR, EOA, commanders ASAP, no exceptions. This next one at times can be difficult for the public safety sector to follow at times, but is very necessary, and it is that public safety employees and organizations must “preserve and advance the principles of our democracy in order to maintain order” (“Principles of Good”, 2003, para. 14), in a manner that is always consistence, so that new employees can be influenced by this policy and can avoid unnecessary conflict to themselves, their organization and the citizens of the community they …show more content…
This way the organization will be known for its influences and polices changes with a productive outcome. Public safety has another important issue that is sometimes get over looked within the public safety culture and that is the job itself, because it tends to create social isolation, and this can be very bad for workers. As with any job when it is quitting time you just would like to leave the job and not hear anything about police matters, crime, other negative or personnel issues at all, this can create issues where they just want to be alone and avoid there associates, phone calls from friends or going out with them either especially if they have time off. Thereby they tend to put a wall up and withdraw behind it as much as possible, and this type of behavior can blow up on the job or in the community they serve. There are other time where it is the opposite, because they will “move towards the protective shell of the police world where colleagues understand the nuances of the work environment and can identify it quickly and help their fellow worker” (“Principles of Good”, 2003, para.