Influences of Wind Energy Integration i Essay

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Influences of Wind Energy Integration into the Distribution Network The research article, Influences of Wind Energy Integration into the Distribution Network, was written by authors G. M. Shafiullah, Amanullah M. T. Oo, A. B. M. Shawkat Ali, and Alex Stojcevski. This article is about a study to investigate the potential challenges with the integration of wind energy into both the high voltage and low voltage distribution networks. This study developed simulation models that focused on voltage fluctuations, zone substation, distribution transformer loading, power flow characteristics, and harmonic emissions with the integration of wind energy. Renewable energy, especially wind energy is the most promising of the renewable energy sources and it has potential to meet the energy demand due to its availability. Over recent years there have been improvements in wind energy technologies, and wind is increasingly becoming an important energy source. Integration of wind energy into the grid creates potential challenges that affect power quality of the systems due to the nature of wind energy. Potential technical difficulties also occur due to the designs of wind turbines and electrical equipment. Large scale integration can take place under two conditions. The first being, large wind farms connected to transmission systems and the second is by several small wind farms connected to distribution systems in one area of the power system. There are a few problems that arise from large scale wind power integration, some of which include voltage stability and power oscillations during normal operation of the power systems. In small scale integration, the power system is assumed to have enough reserve active power that the frequency is able to be kept constant. The major challenges focused on in this article are wind turbine generators model, transmission planning criteria, renewable energy connection standards, wind variability, system reliability, and system operating costs. The study continues and explores the potential technical challenges with possible solutions for wind power systems that include variability of wind, power system operating cost, and power quality. The authors concluded that the integration of the wind energy will be sustainable by using electronic equipment to connect the wind turbine at the electricity grid. They investigated the