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Graduate School Essay
Summary of Experiences and Goals Deciding to attend graduate school at this time in my life serves a dual process; (a) I am seeking to become credentialed while (b) simultaneously discovering if the theoretical knowledge acquired from this program confirms the practical knowledge and experience gained over the past thirty years. I am looking forward to the knowledge of organization leadership that this program will provide, and perceive it as an opportunity to augment what I have learnt during my thirty years of professional human resources leadership work experience. To be successful as an executive and leader one is required to have both the credentials and the practical experience. I have acquired the practical experience across two organizations (for-profit and non-profit) and two industries (Banking and Social Services) in the greater NY City area. My career began at B-Bank where I spent seventeen year working in various human resource disciplines. The following sixteen years were spent working for HD in a leadership role on the senior management team.

Shortly after my graduation from CUNY in February 1979 with a BBA degree, I worked for B-Bank as a Personnel Administrator in their TC Division. I was the liaison between staff and line management for five years. This was a generalist role, with a dotted line reporting to the Corporate Human Resources Division. My duties included providing leadership and guidance to the business group regarding all Human Resources matters including policy development, performance management, staffing, staff planning and management, retention, career development, employee relations, benefits and compensation. In my sixth year, I was promoted to the Corporate Human Resources Division, and subsequently managed areas in equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, policy development and implementation, staff planning, succession planning, human resources information systems implementation, metric analysis and reporting.

Following a layoff in February 1996, I began a new career at Harlem Dowling in September 1996 as