Influential Historical Figures Essay

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People from different countries, regions, and continents can create new ideas to change the society they live in. Different ideas can spread to countless corners of the world and some have had a long lasting effect to influence today’s society. Religion plays a huge role in society from the past, present, and moving to the future. Two individuals that I feel have had some of the most influential roles in creating ideas, customs, and traditions that are still seen today are Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad. Jesus was born in Bethlehem around 4 B.C. He was born in Judaism and worshipped God. As the Gospels say an angel appeared to Mary the Mother of Jesus and foretold of his greatness. Jesus came to earth to deliver truth in a world of false beliefs and save us from eternal sin. Throughout his young life he was a carpenter, it is said at 30 Jesus began to preach to villagers with his 12 apostles who were his best followers. He became very popular when word had spread he was performing miracles of healing. Jesus’ main mission was to spread the word of God and bring spiritual salvation and eternal life to all his followers. He believed Jewish tradition and followed the Ten Commandments, but at the same time preached new beliefs known as Christianity. He claimed he was the Son of God and many thought he was the long awaited Messiah the Jews had been waiting for. Jesus was seen as a pest to the Roman power and was thought to try leading the Jews into a revolt because of this the only Son of God was nailed to a cross and left to die. After Jesus’ death his disciples continued to spread the word of God and establish Christian communities. Gradually, Christianity spread more and more, Peter spread it into Rome itself. While the Christian Church was growing Roman power was diminishing. At the end of the Roman Empire the Church took on much of its power. Jesus came to earth with the mission of spreading Christianity today its one of the biggest religions in the world. Jesus laid the foundation of a faith that would survive for thousands of years to come. The second important individual in my opinion is the Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad was born in 570 in the city of Mecca. In his early life he was an orphan than brought up by his uncle. He worked as a merchant and shepherd and often had religious times in