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In the mid-1960, Middle East was in political and military disarray, but for a 10 year old Namra Khalfa it’s just another subdued and uncertain day. Living in the West Bank which was declared part of Jordanian territory after Israel and Jordan signed armistice agreements in 1949 with his father, mother and 8 year old sister who own a successful bakery store. On June 5th ,1967, as Namra and his 8year old sister was playing in front of their bakery store, and mom and dad are working inside the store a sudden loud explosion from all around them erupted, chaos, mayhem and confusion all over. As Namra regain his conscious and could barely gain his vision, he notices that their bakery store is on fire and in ruin and that his sister lying on the ground covered in blood and debris from the explosion. He tries to move but unable to, for he was injure himself, as he cried for help all he can think about is family, while he slowly fade away to unconsciousness. This was the start of the Six-Day War- when Israel launched a surprise bombing raids against Egyptian air-fields after a period of high tension that included an Israeli raid into the Jordanian-controlled West Bank in response to sabotage acts aimed against Israeli targets, and also initiated aerial clashes over Syrian territory.
After months of recovery from the hospital and finding out that his parent and sister did not make it alive from the explosion, his sadness turn to hate and vengeance towards the people who are responsible for all his suffering, while the mental and physical scar just fueled his rage. As time went by, Namra realize that the US had a direct military support and participation to the death of his family despite the embargo have supply arms to Israel, but was denied by the US government. While no further investigation was followed up by the UN (United Nation) or the media, the US was refuted and so it begins of a young mans’ personal crusade of a holy war (jihad) to the western world.
Years had passed but the scars remains; now living in Saudi Arabia with his Uncle Abdul Khalfa a well-known religious Muslim leader as well as business man who raised Namra like his own. Namra now a teenager, quiet and shy person but a very educated kid, who excels in science and math have shown great interest in biochemistry. While in school his Uncle put him in a special study group where he will learn to memorized the Koran (the holy bible of Islam) with the sons of several prominent Jedda families (Jedda is city in the Tihamah region on the coast of the Red Sea and is the major urban center of western Saudi Arabia). Here he meets Osama Bin Laden, even though the group did not last because it soon lost its original focus, but here where Bin Laden’s radical principal violent jihad begins. Namra and Bin Laden went separate ways in education and in life but not in idealism.
After splitting ways with his uncle Abdul Khalfa and Bin Laden he continues his studies and later graduates, but before he graduated he made sure that every year before graduating he applied for a job at Serum Institute. He applied for the position of full control of the research facility so he can do his own research on the side with no one finding out. Namra graduates top of his class with a PHD in biochemistry so he had no problem with receiving the job that he originally wanted. Namra got his new job as a lab tech he felt that he had to make a name for himself coming from a prestigious school. He quickly built up a reputation for himself with the outstanding work that he was presenting. Though he was one of the best chemists at Serum’s and he received much praise for his work he often acted very humble and never took full credit for his work. Khalfa did not really talk much while at work either. He was a quiet and introverted type of person, but since he always showed good judgment combined with good work ethic and exemplary work on different types of research the last thing on the other employees