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Belize is a Central American nation, and ranges about in size of the state of Massachusetts. Belize shares its borders with Guatemala and Mexico, to the west and northwest. To the east it borders the Caribbean Sea, with a coastline of 240 miles. Belize is approximately 22,966 sq. kilometers(8,867 sq. miles), with the global coordinates of-- 17° 15'N, 88° 45'W.
Belize’s Ecosystem: Coastal and Marine ecosystems provide important goods and services to the countries in the Caribbean. Belize’s coastal resources are extremely valuable! Belize’s coral reefs and mangrove-lined coasts provide critical protection against erosion and wave-induced damages from tropical storms; they have supported fishing communities for generations.
Belize’s Climates: Belize has a tropical climate with pronounced wet and dry seasons, although there are significant variations in weather patterns in this region. Temperatures vary according to elevation. Temperatures are slightly higher inland, except for southern highland plateaus, such as the Mountain Pine Ridge, where it is obviously cooler year around.
Belize’s Population: Belize has a population of approximately 272,945. Belize is often described as a “melting pot” of cultures all intermingled to form a unique “Belizean identity”. Belize has many distinct and identifiable ethnic; these include Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Garifuna. Creoles- 1/3 of the entire population, classified as one of the two largest ethnic groups. The creoles are descendants of Africans (who were brought as slaves.) and early Europeans settlers of colonial era.
Mestizos account for 44% of the entire population. They are descendants from the early Mayan and Spanish settlers who immigrated to Belize during the Castle Wars of the Yucatan in the middle 19th Century.
The Maya make up the third largest ethnic group (11%) and are divided into three diverse groups!! There are the Yucatecan, Mopan, Kekchi Maya. The Yucatecan Maya escaped to Belize during the Castle Wars. The Mopan entered Belize in the mountainous regions of the southern and western districts. The Kekchi Maya entered the Country from an area around Verapaz, Guatemala.
The Garifuna make up the 4th largest ethnic group (about 7% of pop.)! Came to Belize in the 18th century, they are descendants of African slaves who intermingled with Amerindian native of the tiny Caribbean island of St. Vincent.
Belize’s Constitutional and political institutions have roots in the country’s origins as a settlement of British subjects, who brought their rights and immunities they had enjoyed in the mother country. Belize is a constitutional monarchy, whose particular sovereign, the British monarch, is represented in Belize by a governor general. However, they elect representatives in the National Assembly and the Cabinet headed by the prime minister. Belize has a political system dominated by two parties, the PUP and United Democratic Party (UDP). This constitution establishes an independent judiciary and guarantees fundamental human, Civil, and political rights.

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