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Hardware and software nowadays are becoming hot issues for companies and organisations to compete with each other in the market. Technologies is then become the biggest challenge to the companies and organization. Updating of technologies in the companies and organisations is not as easy as its do, as so many new and unique functions must be set up and should have applied to the daily routine of the companies, to make its effectives.
Hardware refers to objects that you can actually touch, like disks, disk drives, display screens, keyboards, printers, boards, and chips. In contrast, software is untouchable. Software exists as ideas, concepts, and symbols, but it has no substance. (Webopedia, 2013)
In this current world, economics is booming and companies are welling to spending much more money on upgrading and updating their businesses to give a better goods and services to the customers. Choice of right technologies again become a its most important project, as once the companies have the correct and right technologies to assist the business then it will be last in the companies for a long period of time and it also help companies to reduce so many works regarding using so many people on a particular work. Wrong choice of technologies may also lead to failure of companies’ effectiveness and overall it’s just a waste of time and money to the companies.
China Airlines is a good example of a particular kind of business that use high and updated technologies to assist their business industry in airline field. China airline is the national carrier of Taiwan and one the leading airline industry in Asia regions since its 1959 founding. It is based in Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. Taiwan is known as the "Island of Technology." China Airlines consists of the world's most advanced fleet, serving more than 100 destinations worldwide, connecting Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, and offering superb, comfortable and safe service.
Regarding Technologies that China Airline is using, their base location is having much more advantages already compare to other airlines. Taiwan is producing and researching centre for most of the IT companies around the world. They are at the high tech hub of Asia and all their technological needs are totally supported. Recently, China Airlines works with Chunghwa Telecom for free Wi-Fi while the customers are flying with them. This is making company more reliable for the customer and makes customers easier. According this technology, using internet while flying is still very new to most of the people around the world. Normally, customers have to switch off their electronic devices while taking off and landing and the data or roaming must be switched off at all time during the flight. This technology shows that, people are becoming more and more reliable to the IT developments and of course the company also have faced many problems on how to fix this need on their carriers.
China Airlines continues to promote mobile and electronic services for passenger convenience. Paperless services improve check-in efficiency at airports, shorten queues, and help protect the environment. China Airlines is working with customers to do its part for the planet. (China airline, 2012) As an organisational, China Airline also joins the Sky Team, Our 19 member airlines provide you comprehensive access to an extensive global network with 1,000 destinations, plus more frequencies and more connectivity than ever before. (Sky Team, 2013), Hardware and Software usage in this networks is super high, as this networks consists of not only one airline but this is linked all 19 airlines together and there are almost 15,000 flight everyday flying worldwide.
China Airlines to launch temperature-controlled airfreight. Obviously, airplanes operate at extremely cold temperatures when at maximum altitude. For some sensitive types of cargo, this could