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Topic: “My most memorable experience”
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will know some of the places I had visited and some of the foods that I enjoyed.
Central Idea Statement: Going on the trip to Somalia created stronger long lasting relationships with family, unforgettable shared experiences and a revival of interest by being immersed in the culture.
My most memorable experience was going back home to visit my country of origin Somalia this past summer. This experience provided me with great opportunities to meet several hundred members (no exaggeration of my family and to be completely immersed in the culture I had almost forgotten. Although I speak Somali at home this trip gifted me the chance to learn the language better through watching subtle nuances to the over-exaggerated hand gestures. Another great treat of travelling this summer was having to meet various members of my family that had also flown into Somalia for vacation, so you could say it was like an big family reunion. The first couple of weeks were spent meeting family it felt like each day you met a new face that new almost everything about you, but I was meeting for the very first time. An interesting thing that I found was that members of my family could date back 15 generations of their family heritage like it was ingredients on a cereal box. We spent the next couple of weeks travelling across different cities to meet both sides of my family.