Infographic: Teacher and Interesting Reading Essay

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The first Infographic I am doing is one I found on teachers. It was really interesting reading it. The fact about the teachers handbook is really fascinationg. The fact that it is bigger than Moby Dick is cool! Having teachers read it is probably a good idea, and I am assuming that it is full of very important topics and teaches the teacher most of everything they need to know. I did find this fascinating, or impossible, but I wanted to write about it. The fact that there is 76% of teachers that are female. That’s very common thatthere are more women in the work field of teaching. It is this way because teaching used to be just a women’s perfession. Only women taught, because people thought that it was something that they could do that would be “easy enough for them”. It was also that way because women are natural nurturers, and it fits into the job description well. It is really sad that only 17% of teachers have second jobs. Teachers can live off of their salary, but not if they are raising a family. I don’t know if any of my teahcers have second jobs, but if I was a teacher, I would make sure I had at least another job in the summer. I think that having a second job gives you cushion for if you have trouble financially. I would hate to have something happen to me, and not have any way to cover it. I chose this infographic because of what’s been going on in the country right now. Lots of people are talking about how much a teacher is making, and a