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Computers are useful in more than one way. One way they are helpful is in education. Computers are helpful in education when it comes to doing research assignment. They are helpful in doing research because it extend the scope of research, develops independent research skills, and allows the student to sift through data appropriately. Another way computers are helpful are in health care. Computers are helpful in health care because they help decrease coast. They help decrease the coasts because it is more effective on ordering test, more effective in for treatment options, and also physicians can see prior test results without having to re-order them. Last but not least computers are helpful in our government. Computers are helpful in our government in efficiency. They help in efficiency because they help with delivery services, they help ease the power shifts between the government’s branches, and computers also help prevent crimes. uses of computers
This outline will give some uses of computers in several areas. Uses of computers are wide and vary in several ways. Here are some of the uses.
I. Education
A Research
1 Extend the scope of searches
2 Develop independent research skills
3 Be able to sift through data appropriately
II. Health Care
A Decreased Costs
1 More effective test ordering for physicians
4 More effective treatment options for physicians
5 Physicians able to see prior test results without re-ordering them
III. Government
A Efficiency
1 Delivery services
6 Ease of power shifts
7 Crime prevention