Informatics Needs Essay

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Informatics Needs Assessment
Gina Reiser, RN
September 29, 2014

Informatics Needs Essay An informatics needs assessment is a critical step in the selection and implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR). The purpose of a needs assessment is to understand the organization and the needs of the organization well enough to boost the positive impact of an EHR while minimizing the negative effects (American Medical Association, n.d.). A readiness assessment can assist in identifying the readiness of an organization to successfully starting an EHR, the readiness for the staff to accept, and productively by using the EHR. The results will help assess what the current state of technology is, what is needed to make a
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Examples of such barriers could include financing, lack of personnel, limited knowledge, lack of certain skills, and poor IT (Information Technology) support. Prioritizing the items on the list could help you achieve that desired state. There has to be a good understanding of the requirements for operation, that the staff needs to conduct business and what items are desired. Regulatory requirements for operation must also be understood. Making sure each item has a priority level will help develop the features and the functions (Young, 2008). A summary of the needs assessment should include the resources that are needed to get the desired state that was identified in the gap analysis, issues that could be blocking these resources, and priorities to help alleviate those barriers. The documentation will become a tool that will assist in setting expectations during the transition and will serve as a reference when the implementation process is active (Young, 2008). The needs assessment assists upper management with an overall understanding of what occurs in the daily operations of the organization from the beginning of a patients visit to the end, along with the billing process. Using surveys, observation and group meetings, upper management can get a clear picture of the staff abilities. The process now and the failures, the needs and desired wants of the people involved and how an EHR can help with