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PC Instructions for Using the Harvard Referencing Tool and Creating a Bibliography

1. A citation is when you state a fact, opinion or information such as data in your work and you acknowledge the source of that information.

2. There are two main systems of referencing, the footnoting system and the Harvard system. Using footnotes you put a number in the text and then at the bottom of the page the same number with the information about the source. In the Harvard system you put the name of the author of the information and the year it was published in brackets immediately after the information you are referencing. This is called a citation. The information that follows refers to the Harvard system of referencing

3. First open your word document and begin writing your report.

4. When you need to insert a citation (a citation is when you state a fact, opinion or information such as data and you acknowledge the source of that information) make sure your cursor is at the end of the piece of information and go to the tool bar at the top of the document and select References.

5. Look under style and check that it says APA, this is the Harvard system of referencing.

6. Then go to Insert Citation

7. If it is the first time you have referred to a particular source, select Add New Source

8. This will bring up a window called Create Source.

9. From the drop down menu at the end of the first line click on the arrow and select the type of source you are citing.

10. This will bring up all the fields that you could fill in about this source. The fields with an asterisk next to them are required fields, you must fill these in.

11. The source will be automatically cited in the text where you have your cursor. Now every time you want to cite this source in your document all you have to do is go to Insert Citations and you will see the name of the source in the list. Double click on the name and the source will be inserted into the document where you have your cursor.

12. At the end of this sentence I have added a fictional citation so you can see what one looks like (Connelly, 2009).

13. At the end of your document you can insert a bibliography by selecting Bibliography in the bar just above your word document under the References tab. Then double click on either bibliography or citation list. This will insert the list