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Topic: NCAA Div.I Athletes getting paid while playing sports for there schools.
Thesis Statement: College Athletes should be paid because it is unfair to the players for college programs to gross millions of dollars mainly because of the players and the players don’t receive any rewards for their skills.
Selection and Evaluation of Sources:
I began research on this topic by searching the EBSCO Academic Search Database. I searched this database because anything involving college can be found on this database. I entered the search term “paying college athletes” and found 31 results. I chose the first article titled “Share the wealth” and the authors name is Harry Edwards. I selected this article because it supports my thesis statement by proposing many different ways college athletes can be paid while their still students on the teams. The author, Harry Edwards is not only a consultant for the San Francisco 49ers; he is a professor in the department of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley. This article was published out of the Chronicle of Higher Education, a periodical journal with many articles published by authors with the same credentials as Harry Edwards, this makes the source authentic and reliable. This article was published in 2011, which makes this information relatively current.
For my second source I chose to search on the very popular search engine Google. On Google I entered the search term “paying college athletes” and many results came up. I narrowed down the results to one article named “College athletes deserve to be paid”. I feel this source is also reliable because this article was written by Michael Wilbon, who is a columnist for ESPN, and also a long time co-host for a well-known sports talk show named Pardon the Interruption where many sports facts as well as opinions are