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1.0 Introduction Tykes Ltd is a family owned bakery business with about 450 employees which located in Sheffield and Leeds. Tykes Ltd has a clear division of labour in the production and procurement department in both sectors. There are two production lines in each sector. The Leeds' site focuses on the standard loaves and bread products and also the specialty style bread products. And the Sheffield's factory more concerns about the cakes and Party-time range (SBS 2013). John Tyke took over the company from his father Tyke in December 2011; he devotes himself in developing the quality information system for the company in the recent years which is trying to make the company operates more efficient and effective. This report is going to analysis the current situation of Tykes Ltd and giving several appropriate recommendations. First of all, this report will analysis what kind of information does the company needs at the moment. Secondly, there are some recommendation information systems will be given during the above analysis. Thirdly, it is going to give a discussion based on the recommendations. At last, the conclusion will be given.

2.0 Main Body 2.1 Tykes' Current Situation Analysis Laudons (2010) said different management levels (Appendix 1) in the organisation have different information requirements. They have categorized three different levels of management, operational, middle and senior management which are also can be defined as operational, tactical and strategic level of business planning in an organisation. They also suggested the different level has varies decision-making structures based on the different information (Laudon and Laudon, 2010). Bocij etc. (2008) suggested that information is a different expression of data; information comes out during a certain procedure of date. The following paragraphs will based on their model to analysis the internal management situation of Tykes Ltd and find out what kind of information does the company need. The analysis is going to be divided into three segments which stand for three different departments inside Tykes Ltd. The first part is about the current procurement and production department (P & P Department). This department mainly focus on producing products. They receive the orders from sales and marketing department, and then arrange the production process. Boggs (1990) has defined some key actions in the production department. For instance, Hierarchical production and planning, Material requirements planning and manufacture resources planning are the main actions the production department should produce (Boggs 1990). Back to the case, the Tykes Ltd.'s P & P department will need to produce production plan, raw-material consumption and stock plan and the product inspection results. These processes are in the operational level of the business which is the original data for the future analysis (Laudon and Laudon, 2010). These ranges of original data could give the middle management level a better understanding about what is the current situation about the P & P department. The information the middle managers have could help him to find the current problem and look forward for the future development. On the other hand, the company will have some potential risks if the manager does not collect the information. For instance, if the production team do not busy as the previews week, the middle managers supposed to come up with some questions, why the sales decreases these days? Is there anything wrong with the quality or anything wrong with the sales team? Secondly, the sales and marketing department, the sales and marketing people are more concerning about the orders from the constant customers. Once the department receive the order, they have to organise the orders because of the different production lines. And they will send the orders with specific requirements to different production lines. Besides this, the