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According to “Inside Hazing,” a website dedicated to spreading awareness about is defined as an abusive, often humiliating form of initiation into or affiliation with a group.
.) Hazing is widely spread on high school campuses.
1.) 1.5 million high school students are hazed each year with no discrimination on gender. 43% were subjected to humiliating activities and 30% performed potentially illegal acts as part of their initiation. 91% of all H.S. students belong to at least one group, and half of them, 48% report being subjected to hazing activities.
2.) 92% of the high school students will not report a hazing, and of these respondents, 59% know of hazing activities and 21% admit to being involved in hazing. 48% of the students acknowledge participating in activities which are defined as hazing, 29% did potentially illegal things to join a group, however only 14% admit to being hazed. 25% were first hazed before the age of 13.
.) Hazing is even more prevalent in a variety of organizations at a college level.
1.) 5% of all college students admit to being hazed. More than 250,000 students experienced some sort of hazing to join a college athletic team. 40% report that a coach or club advisor was aware of the hazing. 22% report that the coach or advisor was involved in the hazing. 2.) Over 20% of female athletes in the NCAA were subjected to alcohol-related hazing; 10% of the female NCAA athletes were branded, tattooed, beaten thrown in water or had their head…