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Guidelines for Submission Mission Prospective authors are invited to submit manuscripts for possible publication in IGI Global Journals. All journals publish original material concerned with all aspects of emerging information technologies and applications. Types of Submissions
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Empirical research Conceptual models Theory building Innovative methodologies and applications Case studies Book reviews on selected books, textbooks, or specific topics dealing with values, concepts, and applications of breakthrough information science and technology

Originality and Copyright Please note that all submissions must be original, unpublished, and not under the review of any other publication. Upon submission to an IGI Global Journal, it is assumed that the contents of any manuscript submission are not held by the copyright of any other publication or under review by any other publication. The following illustrates the IGI Global Originality and Copyright policy for submissions: 1. Originality of manuscripts: Only original and previously unpublished manuscripts will be accepted for publication. Upon acceptance of your manuscript, IGI Global editors will forward a warranty agreement that requires confirmation that the manuscript is original and has not been submitted for potential publication or previously published elsewhere. All copyrights, including translation of the published material into other languages, are reserved by the publisher, IGI Global. Upon transfer of the copyright to the publisher, no part of the manuscript may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher. The author’s warranty and transfer of copyright is available at: 2. Revised manuscripts. IGI Global does not publish manuscripts that are considered “revised” or largely based on previously published works (i.e., published conference proceeding papers, etc.). Manuscripts may include intellectual property, but cannot include verbatim content that is not original/previously published. 3. Acquiring permission for copyrighted images. Any permission from other publishers for the use of images that are previously published must be accompanied by written permission from the

original publication/publisher in which the copyrighted image was published. Copyrighted images include any image (figure, table, graphic, etc.) appearing in any publication and/or any images that are associated with an organization in which permission is required [e.g., a screenshot of a page from a company’s Web site, a screenshot of a scene from a video game, etc.]. For specific instructions, please see: Any copyrighted image must include indication in the caption of the original source of the image and that it is being used with permission of the copyright holder. Copyrighted image captions should appear as: Figure 1. [insert caption here]. (© [insert copyright year here], [insert copyright holder’s name here]. Used with permission.). In the case of an Adapted Image that is loosely based on a copyrighted image, the image must be accompanied by a caption that indicates the original source. Adapted copyrighted image captions should appear as: Figure 1. [insert caption here]. (Adapted from [insert source of copyrighted image here]). Adapted copyrighted images should be investigated by the author to ensure that the original source is adequately indicated as the original publisher requires. Acquiring image permissions can take extended periods of time and the author should plan to begin permissions process upon submission of manuscript for assessment. 4. Permission fees. If the copyright holder of an image is requiring a one-time permission fee, IGI Global will agree to publish the figure, provided that the author pays the fee. However, IGI Global will not agree to publish any copyrighted image for which a permission fee is