Information Security Essay

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Information Security
By: Ronald Maddox

Topics Discussed
Security of private information
Identity theft
How these security breaches affect us as

internet users
Ways to help protect yourself from loss of personal information and internet fraud.

Information Security
 Information Security which is also know as InfoSec, is the

practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.
 Most of the information that is being stolen in today’s world is stolen from commercial and personal computers, networks, and many other various kinds of wireless devices.
 In our world nearly everyone has access or has had access to the internet, so it makes it an ideal “one stop shop” for the criminal or hacker trying to steal someone’s information.
 It is because of this that we all have to be aware of the risks and possible consequences of sharing and storing information electronically. Identity Theft
Identity theft is what happens when someone

steals your personal information and uses it without your permission.
This information can range from your SSN, DOB or maybe even your mother’s maiden name.
It is an easy way for a criminal to make a profit and keep their identity concealed. If someone has stolen your identity it is relatively easy for them to take out loans, make purchases with your credit cards or even drain your bank accounts. Various Methods of Theft
There are two main methods criminals use to commit online identity theft.


Criminals online will search for your information. This is the act of phishing.
Most of these types of scams are done through email, in which the email seems to be coming from a reputable company, bank, or maybe even a government agency when in fact it is just a massive collection of emails spammed to a huge list of recipients.
It can be an offer of some sort to sign up for something but most of the time these emails appear to be urgent matters that appear to require your attention.
There are also phishing websites that collect your information just by visiting them. The information collected includes but is not limited to:
 Passwords
 Bank Account details
 Verification information
 Social Security Number

Also known as malicious software, Malware is a computer program or file that is installed on a users computer without them knowing. It is designed to selectively collect and report personal information about the user and send those snippets of information directly back to the creators of the malware.

Various types of malware include but are not limited to: Spyware
Keyloggers (Records what buttons are pushed on keyboard) Effects of Security Breaches
Loss or