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In today’s world the need for technology and information systems are a must in the business industry. In just a few years things change drastically in the technology world and the need of constant improvement is there. Information systems have improved the way a business or company operates, making them more efficient and ultimately how they have helped to transform a business for the better. Using personal experiences, and known companies around the nation I plan on giving an in-depth look as to how information systems has changed the way we do business, shop, and live. In today’s world, everything is at our finger tips. From going to school, how we shop, interact, and keep in touch with family members, information systems stands behind each and every aspect of our lives. Information within the work place has probably the most important role. Besides the employees who operate the systems at hand, the system needs to up hold to what they say they do. They need to monitor every aspect that they have been programed to do, or to protect. These days if our IS shuts down, our daily operations tend to shut down, or become extremely slow due to the need to go back to the “paper processing”, and doing things the old fashion way. Information systems are transforming businesses daily. From adding new software or new processes and equipment, information systems are creating new processes as to how jobs are getting done. This also has a direct effect on how corporations maintain their relationships and partnerships globally. Back when I was a small child, I am certain business was done internationally. Throughout history we have heard of the international market, but I can only imagine how difficult it was back then to even keep in touch with the trade makers. As technology has improved over the years, things such as this have become easier. These tools have become essential for running a business, especially one that work towards globalization. Being able to keep track of and having accurate numbers of what the business is doing is important for having a successful business. Information systems plays a huge role in businesses by leaders being able to keep up constant flow of information to make sure that all employees are on the same page, working towards the same goals and following the same regulations. This form of communication is fast and easy and works for both internationally, and stateside. Information systems has an easy enough definition, it is all the data systems that each and every business uses. It also consists of the full network of communication and the channels that is used within that organization. Each system, hardware, and software works differently, as each company, business and corporation has their own separate needs. Its people are the ones who work the systems, and are the knowledgeable members of the organization. Using my mother for an example, she works for DOD at the Quantico Marine base. She is currently a GS12, and is given the option to work at home from time to time. She has been assigned a government lap top, and blackberry. She sometimes does teleconferences, and is always responding to emails while on leave. She has ten employees that work under her, and must maintain control even when she is not at work. When situations arise, and a solution needs to be presented, even though she isn’t directly at work, she will remained informed and be able to make those hard choices that need to be made. If an IS problem comes up, a four-step method can help solve problems by having multiple alternative solutions to the problem. Obviously the best solution should be selected, taking into consideration the total costs and everything that will be available. Information systems support every major business and each function that is within that company. Sales and marketing systems I feel help the company maintain information for the customers. This keeps the