Information Systems of Sterling Urgent Care Essay

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IT190-1501A-01 : Introduction to IT
Information Systems of Sterling Urgent Care
Ryder May

Section 1: Information Systems Overview 4
What is Sterling Urgent Care? 4
Choosing the Right Information System for SUC 4
Section 2: Information Systems Concepts 7
Types of Communication 7
SUC’s Communication Technology 8
SUC’s Virtual Private Network 9
Section 3: Business Information Systems 11
Data Systems 11
TPS (Transaction processing system) 11
MIS (Management information system) 11
DSS (Decision support system) 12
KMS (Knowledge management system) 12
AI (Artificial intelligence) 12
Information Systems within SUC 14
Section 4: System Development 16
Prototype Model 16
Waterfall model 17
Implementation of the
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The Choice phase involves the decision makers who choose the best solution and then evaluate the outcome of that solution (Ralph Stair, 2012).
SUC will need to use a computer-based, e-commerce and m-commerce information system to meet the goals of the organization. The job functions included in this system are numerous. A chief information officer (CIO) will be important to employ at Sterling Urgent Care. This position will work closely with the chief executive officer and be a powerful influence in how the company runs. The function of the CIO will be to employ and manage the following job functions. System operators will be needed to run and maintain the network, servers, computer terminals, printers, and other hardware equipment needed within the organization. An internal systems analyst will be needed to determine the effectiveness of the programs SUC has chosen to utilize and possibly develop new programs that will help SUC obtain their specific goals. They may also be needed to maintain compatibility of the programs SUC has chosen to use to other programs used by outside entities. There will be job opportunities for Technical support. This will include technicians that can troubleshoot IT problems as well as educate employees on the current programs needed to run SUC. There are many different areas in a health care facility that require specific technicians for their areas. For instance, the