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Information that is produced at a reasonable cost would be considered economical information.
The cost as measured per 10,000 transistors on computer chips has been gradually increasing over time.
A ticket from L.A. to Denver costs $212. This is an example of: data.
An example of a set of instructions is the software component.
A good information system will provide each user with: large quantities of information.
The process of automation moves work from people to computers.
An end user would be an example of the people component of an information system.
If you are a passive recipient of sensitive information, such as might be overheard or contained in a misdirected email, this would not be illegal, but might be unethical to use it.
The information requirements specify what the new system should be able to do when completed.
Customer numbers and their names would be an example of the data component of an order management information system.
Egocentric centers on the self.
Rufus’ group stores documents on a server using ftp.
Determining the best mix of products to sell in the European market is an example of an unstructured decision.
Email is an example of an asynchronous meeting.
If you believe that your view of the information system and its problems is the most important one then you are engaging in egocentric thinking.
The project scope lists the expectations that will be achieved by the project.
Communication involves both the abilities of the group members and effective communication systems.
Employees who work in different time zones will use asynchronous communications.
Structured and unstructured refer to the decision process, not the underlying activity.
Collaborative work involves feedback and iteration.
The intensity of each of the five forces determines: how profitable the industry is.
When a stock trading firm opens a new site for online stock transactions they might gain competitive advantage by: product enhancement.
Streamlining business processes will: increase margin.
In comparing Wal-mart to Macy’s, Wal-mart has chosen which competitive strategy? low-cost
High switching costs make it difficult for customers to change to another product or service.
When they first started, EBay gained a competitive advantage by: creating new products or services.
Kelly goes into a restaurant and orders a cup of coffee, only to find that they are out of coffee, but have decaf, which she buys instead. This would be an example of which of the five forces? threat of substitution
Facilities may store physical items like inventory, or hold data.
General management is considered part of which activity in the value chain? Infrastructure
Businesses seek to use IT in order to gain competitive advantage over other businesses seeking the same customers.
The quickest and least risky option for software buying is the tried and true off-the-shelf.
Cache memory is designed to increase the overall throughput of the CPU.
When one buys an operating system like WinXP, you are actually buying a software: license.
Which device listed below is an example of a storage hardware device? optical disk
Firmware software is installed in special, read-only memory in devices like printers or communication devices.
The surface of optical disks is treated so that it can reflect light to represent binary data.
Software vendors should make it easier for users to download and apply patches to fix known holes in their