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Information Technologies Acts
Introduction to Computer Applications and Systems

Information Technologies Acts

There are a number of information technologies acts that have been passed over the years in an attempt to assist in protecting the consumer, business, and government within the United States from crimes that may be committed with the use of and misuse of information systems.

Do Not Call Implementation Act of 2003
The Do Not Call Implementation Act of 2003 authorized the Federal Trade Commission, also referred to as the FTC, to establish fees from 2003 to 2007 in conjunction with the creation and enforcement of the National Do-Not-Call Registry; Telemarketers would have to check the Do-Not-Call Registry and update their systems or face fines in upwards of $11,000 dollars (Banger, Evansburg, Watson, & Welch, 2003). This act was primarily created in response to overwhelming telemarketing calls consumers were receiving as a result of personal information such as names, phone numbers, and various demographics complied, stored and distributed on various information systems implemented in collecting demographics for advertising purposes by various companies. This act assist the consumer in preventing cold calls by telemarketers.

Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002

The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002, or FISMA, was created with the intention to improve the overall security and compliance of federal agencies with regard to changing requirements to Information Security and new technologies. FISMA was created to provide a set of basic mandates and requirement to securing information from outside sources, such as cyber-attacks and other online security threats. Each year agencies are graded on how well they comply with FISMA and requires these agencies to develop information security programs that make them more accountable (Hasson, 2008). This act became necessary when the government changed from a mainframe computer system to networked computer systems connected to the internet.

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