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Rules and regulations are implemented by the government to secure and protect the people of United States. The USA Patriot Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act were both introduced into society to help the government prevent crime. Although these Acts prevent crime, they also compromise the privacy and freedom of U.S. citizens. While imposing new laws into society, the balance of government and freedom are a necessity.
The US Patriot Act was put in place to unite and strengthen America by providing additional tools to combat terrorism. This act was implemented to help law enforcement with the fight against terrorism domestic and foreign. The act gives law enforcement the ability to use the tools that were already in place to fight organized crime on the fight against terrorism. The advance in information was the use of sophisticated communication methods like cell phones, and internet ("Preserving Life & Liberty", 2001). The patriot act makes it easier for the law enforcement agencies ease drop on suspects with the use of wire tapping. Law enforcement agencies can get court orders to use roving wire taps which allows them to tap all forms of communications on a suspect instead of getting an order for each individual phone or computer ("Preserving Life & Liberty", 2001). It also makes it easier for federal agencies to obtain business records. Now days almost all business transactions are done using computers which makes it easier to track financial transactions and purchases and information in that nature. The act also helps to catch computer hackers if victims of computer hacking ask law enforcement to monitor their computers if they believe it is being hacked. It also makes it a crime to gain access to computers without permission which they call trespassing just like trespassing on private property. With the modern technology used by terrorist these days the act helps to keep the laws up to date. Although the US Patriot Act was put in place to protect the citizens from terrorism it also infringes on the rights of privacy. Since the Patriot Act was passed and put in place the US government has the ability to track all your phone calls, emails, bank accounts, and almost anything else you can think of just out of suspicion.
The Computer Fraud and Abuse act of 1996 makes it a crime to access any government interest or financial purpose computer intentionally without