Information Technology Case 1 Questions Pg 75-77 Essay

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Case 1
Proctor and Gamble

Team Number 7
Kelly Amouzon
Kevin McGhee
Angela McKenzie Dixon
Seda Caliskan

Question 1: What is Proctor & Gamble’s business strategy? What is the relationship of collaboration and innovation to that business strategy?
P&G’s strategy consists of maintaining the popularity of its existing brands and developing new products by extending existing brands and by creating new brands from scratch via innovation. Innovation is at the core of P&G’s strategy and collaboration is a critical tool to attaining this innovation. In order to constantly come up with new lines of products, P&G must incorporate innovation in every aspect of its business. All objectives and business
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It collects research related documents in digital format available to be available in all locations and at all times.InnovationNet is a benefit because it increases the accuracy of searches. innovation Net provides for internal transparency and direct communication among and between employees who seek to collaborate in some way to advance an idea. |

Question # 3: Why were some collaborative technologies slow to catch on at P& G?

Change is usually not favored in corporate culture or practices. People are usually slow to respond to changes when they feel more at ease with current process and its working for them and unsure of the implication of the change. Aside from that, change at work could have a large impact on a person's work and life style. P&G wanted to transform C.E.O Lafley's vision into reality and this resulted in a vast change in how employees used to communicate and share information with others inside and outside the company.

Generally speaking there is always some learning curve for most people to learn a new process or tool and this is even more true when it comes to technology. Most people are reluctant to learn a new technology and older employees in an organization are relatively more inclined to hold on to the existing practices and process of doing things and slow on embracing newer process and tools. And because of these reasons there was resistance from employees at P&G.

People prefer simplicity