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Title: Information Technology, Computer science – one of the most potential job industry
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how important it is for an immigrant (like me) to be in this information technology, would like to share three phases of my career how effective it was for me.
Central Idea: Had a dream of coming to United States and work in the technology.
Attention Getter: Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Solow, for one, says it has been the norm throughout the course of history for technology to throw people out of work. But in the long run, employment keeps growing and wages keep rising.

Establish Credibility: As I am working from past couple of years in information technology stream i can say it is a great experience to work for the newest and greatest technologies of this field, the website KYSU, the smart phones which you all are using underneath there are so many applications (apps) are running they are the examples of the computer applications which are being used and I am happy to share with you all that I work for some these technologies as I am a state employee of Kentucky.
Connect w/Audience: As you all are seeing me here in front of you coming from a different country and culture, the only path I have taken to be here is learning about information technology, which has provided me to experience a great country in the world in terms of lifestyle and also the work ethics.
Central Idea: Wanted to work in United States where the technology emerges
Main Points: Why Information Technology, How to get into It, Where I want to see my self
Main Points # 1 Why Information technology.
(a) Sub-point: The state where I come from is known as Andhra Pradesh has as many as 671 private engineering colleges, which is the highest in the country (India). And each college has the Information Technology division.
(b) Sub-point: Computers and information systems are essential parts of every day’s life. Like accounting and legal, every business needs to invest in technology to compete. Most people I talk with recognize the necessity of having a computer, an email address, and a web site. When I was pursuing my college education, IT was a big hit. As so many of us wanted to work in that industry.

Main Points # 2 How I got into IT.

(a) Sub-point: Wanted to work in United States
(b) Sub-Point: It helped me in establishing my career where I can be part of today’s world, I have earned a degree in computer science and also several other courses which would give a better exposure to work in technology. As one of my friend who got an opportunity to come to US and work at Seattle in one of the prestigious company Microsoft. As you all know Microsoft is the company for the invention of several applications which we use today, and they also have launched a search engine which is known as Bing. Search engine is nothing but like Google where we can search on internet. That leaded me