Information Technology Ten Point Code of Ethics Essay

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Ten Point Code of Ethics for Information Technology Professionals By James Malveaux, Jr.

1. Has IT professionals use every precaution to prevent given out any access to passwords, personnel identifications or other sensitive information to can be used in the database systems. The importance of this is to keep sensitive information for getting out to the world. There is a lot of hacker software that can penetrate a company’s network and get into the database that contains sensitive material. The one thing to prevent any of this from happening is to get a
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You need to make sure that it is done right so that the network can detect the workstation properly. Every company should have procedures like this for other computer and network jobs as well so that everything can go smoothly on any kind of install.
5. Has IT professionals we must maintain excellent customer service. This is definitely important because whenever you are working as help desk professional, you need to keep your composure just in case you get an angry person over the phone. Since most people aren’t computer illiterate you need to make sure that when you explain a problem that they can understand. You will need to keep your cool and go through the steps to resolve the issues in a calmly manner. Companies should have periodically evaluations on their help desk technician to see if they are performing at a high level and that they are being respectful to the end user.
6. Has IT professionals working from home, you will obey all rules regarding accessing the company’s network. This is very important because whenever you log in to a company’s network, you have to be careful of what you do. For example when you access the company’s network make sure your home network is secured. You never know because anybody might be trying to tap in and with the way technology is getting more advanced this may happen. Every company should have some type of policy to where it is restricted to certain accounts to access their network from a remote