Information Use Paper

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Information Use Paper
Monique DiGuglielmo
Kenneth Neveroski
May 3, 2015
Restaurants and Information Use

Making sure information in any company is safe and correct is very important. Having the wrong information or someone who is not an authorized user can really hurt the company. So it is very important for all organizations to keep their information up to date and safe. I currently work in the restaurant industry and they must use different kind of systems in order for their businesses to run smoothly. They need a system to record inventory, a system for clocking in and out for employees, and a system for the table’s orders to go to the kitchen. The kitchen does there inventory by hand they go around and check off what they need and how much of it. This is all done on certain days and then they will place the order and once the order come they must check it to make sure everything is there.
The same thing goes for the bar the bar manager goes through each bar to see how much was used and what they need to order. On Mondays we get our beer shipment and they have a hostess check it in. I am a hostess so I know how to check in the beer and also the liquor. As the guys bring in the cases and kegs they call off what they are bringing in and I have a list of how many should be there and I need to make sure they bring in everything so that we are not missing anything.
It is important to do inventory because if they don’t or they miss something on busy days they can run out of things that are popular. They use the internet to keep in touch with the vendors they do business with.
Another way to keep the business going while they are busy is using a system to help seat customers. In the restaurant I am in we have this system called open table. When we start to get busy we start taking names and their phone numbers. As tables open up we send out a text message to the first customer that was waiting. This system is all done on two iPad, one hostess is taking the names and another hostess is calling the customers. Of course this system has some problems but it works for the most part. This system keeps a lot of information it will save every customers name and phone number. So if they come back they will automatically come up. It is important to keep this information safe because you have first and last names with their phone numbers. Some people are hesitant about giving that information out they always ask why do we need all of that. Other information systems they use are in their accounting office. I don’t work in that department so I’m not sure what exact systems they use. But they use a system to keep track of every employee’s information to pay them. They have certain employees that have direct deposit and other who get paper checks. The employees who have direct deposit the accounting office needs to have all that information on file. They need all the bank accounts and routing numbers they…