Informational Article Graphic Organizer Essay

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Informational Article Graphic Organizer

The introduction should include both article titles and authors. A clear thesis statement should be included to inform your readers your purpose for writing. Imagine, You with your family and you guys are living in Syria and are on the verge of starvation and dehydration.You and your family are between the lines of fire of the Syrian war where it is unsafe to walk out your door. You need help, food and water, but outside the door there are explosive bombs falling, deadly snipers, and you can hear gunshots. You have no food, water and your house is torn apart,all you have is your family, books and hope.There are many challenges the people of Syria have to face.

Body Paragraphs
Each paragraph needs a topic sentence and at least 3 details (text examples) that are fully explained. All information should be paraphrased and properly cited from the articles using this format: (Author’s last name Pg.#). You may use 1 direct quote, but make sure it is significant and meaningful!
Topic Sentence: Problems of Syria In the article “Refugee Tent Camp for Syrians Refugee grows into a busy Jordanian city” The Associated Press states it is hard living in Syria, and there are many problems including education, war, electricity and many deaths.Mike Thompson states in “Syria’s
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In the article “Syria’s Secret Library” Mike Thompson states that the people of Syria made a secret library to continue education and to give fun things to do and something to do.Kids/All people in Syria are planting gardens because they are tired of looking at straight dessert and plainness .Guards on watch spend many hours reading, and exchanging books while on