Informational Interview

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An informational interview in psychology serves as a guide for the practitioner to gather information and data in order to help meet the needs of a client. It is used as a method of assessment in psychology. Psychological interviews are conducted for many reasons such as assessing the history of a client, needs, symptoms, potential dangers and how to treat the client. Interviews are a form of gathering information. An interview will consist of one on one conversation between the client and the practitioner. Interviews can collect data that is quantitative and qualitative data. An informational interview will generally collect qualitative data that will focus on the client's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The disadvantage of qualitative …show more content…
In psychology research is used to analyze behaviors and experiences of an individual or group. The process for conducting research begins with asking questions. The next stages of conducted research include: designing a study, collecting the data, analyzing data, forming conclusions. The final stage of conducting research is to share the findings. In research psychology, there are set questions to answer as oppose to questions in informational interviews that can be unstructured. Research in psychology can provide data that is also quantitative and qualitative depending on what type of method used. The different types of methods of research are: experiments (lab and field), tests, case study, correlation, questionnaires, observations(natural, controlled, or participant), pilot study, and content analysis. Research can find links between certain factors and human behaviors. Some methods can only be used for descriptive purposes and are not able to determine causes of behavior. Research can be applied in both clinical and educational settings for practitioners. In research psychology, there are set questions to answer as oppose to questions in informational