Informational Interview Questions

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. An informational interview. (10 pts. total for sections a to d)
a) (1/2 pt.) Give the name and job title Aldolfo Gonzalez, Chief Probation Officer
b) (1 pt.) How did you select this person? How did you make contact with the person? I conducted an informational interview over the phone.
c) (8 pts.) Answer each of the questions below based on the information you learned during the interview.
Tasks/responsibilities of your job: In the context of a PO, I work every day with people who pose a threat to the community and to the officers and have access to sensitive information about the offenders who pose a threat. I also provide the judge with pre-sentence assessment information and managing offenders to ensure that they are complying to the conditions of their sentences.
What is
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What do you like best and least about your job:
a. best: Watching people become productive members of the community again.
b. least: The long hours away from home.
What skills and/or characteristics do people need to be successful in your job: One needs to have good oral and written communication skills, dedication, toughness, problem-solving skills, judgement skills.
How well did your college experience prepare you for the job: My college experience prepared me for the theories that can be applied to probationers and how to handle them, but it did not prepare me for the application.
What classes did you take that were helpful: Criminal Justice Fundamentals, Correctional System Fundamentals, Parole Probation and Community Corrections, Correctional Rehabilitation
How does your job make use of technology: My job makes use of computer software such as Microsoft Office for paperwork associated with the case files.
What salary can those in your field can expect: The median for my career is approximately $61,000.
How is the economy affecting your job:
Do you think the field is growing: