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Intro Paragraph

It is very shocking to find that being overweight/obese, basically gives you a death wish.

From the start, if one is obese, it is considered unhealthy. There are many causes of death and disability linked to obesity. Some are high blood pressure, diabetes 1 and 2, and high cholesterol.
If the obesity rate was lowered, the death rate of people all around the world would also decline.
This issue is not complicated to fix, it is actually very simple. Healthy eating and exercise can make all the difference.

Today’s lifestyles and eating habits are very different than in the past. Presently, there are

many more fast food industries than ever before. Meals in the past were almost always home cooked. Now, it is rare that you see a family sit down every night for dinner at home. It is much easier for people just to say “let’s go to McDonalds”. Fast food industries are everywhere now; this definitely causes obesity to be a lot more prevalent now than in the past.

From McDonalds to Taco Bell, the choices are limitless. It is very easy to obtain some of

the fattiest foods you may not even know are consumed. If lucky, some restaurants give you the nutrition facts on their menu. High caloric intake can be avoided if you choose the healthier options on the menu including salads, grilled wraps, etc. Avoiding fried foods is a great choice in watching high calories. Choosing water over high sugar sodas and soft drinks is the most

effective way of reducing calories. Most people do not realize that beverages make up the biggest part of daily calorie intake.

There is a surprising stark contrast in life expectancy between the rich and poor

neighborhoods. Poverty is actually an enormous factor contributing to obesity. The more wealthy neighborhoods usually have a broader option in choosing food. Basically, the options are