Informative Essay: Art Therapy And Treatment Of Cancer

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Art Therapy and Treatment of Cancer
Art therapy is a form of therapy; which means it is included as a psychological treatment for issues related to mental health. Patients or clients, with the assistance of an art therapist, use art supplies and their own creativity that results in a piece of art. The resulting artwork gives the patient a chance to explore their feelings, deal with outstanding emotional issues, foster self-awareness, change behavior, deal with addictions, develop social skills, reduce anxiety, and increase self-confidence. Basically, the goal of art therapy is to improve a client’s mental and physical health. An art therapist needs to have a background in the visual arts i.e., drawing painting or sculpture. In addition they must understand the creative process and human development. And finally, they must have a background in psychology and counseling techniques. Today art therapy is practiced in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, psychiatric and rehabilitation facilities, wellness centers, institutions, schools, crisis centers, nursing homes, private practice, and other clinical and community settings. The goal of art therapy is to have a person express themselves and their emotions in a safe environment, using artistic expression to help
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There is real fear about tests and treatments. They worry what's coming next, and what life will be like for them and their family with the diagnosis. As with many types of therapy, people with cancer use art therapy to help themselves feel better and more positive. Art therapy can be a safe way for people with cancer and their families to explore emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety about the cancer and treatment. Some adults and children find it easier to express difficult emotions and painful times through being creative, rather than trying to talk things