Informative Essay: Does Race Exist?

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Growing up, Americans have been raised to distinguish themselves by their race. The race classification that Americans follow are White, Black, Asian, or Native American, Alaskan or Hawaiian. But what if race doesn’t actually exist? The concept of whether or not race exists is something that has troubled thousands of peoples for many decades. To conclude whether race exists or not, society must look at two different theories of race. The first theory is whether race exists in terms of biology. The second theory is whether race is only a social construct made up by society. These are two completely different theories that shape how society views and deals with the term race. The question is, does race actually exist? The first theory is whether race exists in terms of biology. The simple answer is, no. As established by The Concept of Race by Ashley Montagu, “If race is a scientific term, it must have a genetic meaning.” However, race does not have a genetic meaning. The definition of the term “race” is the division of mankind possessing different traits that are transmissible by descent and sufficient to characterize it as a distinct human type, according to Why is There Still Racism …show more content…
Race does in fact exist. However, race only exists in term of social construct and not biological constructs. There is no biological or genetic distinction that differs one race from another. There is, however, a social construct that classifies ethnic groups and certain human traits into different races. It is now up to the world and its people to determine whether they want to believe that race is a social construct or not. It is also up to the world to establish how they can help and acknowledge the problem that the term “race” faces in modern day society. And, like There Is No Such Thing as Race by Robert Wald Sussman establishes, Race is not part of our biology, but it is definitely a part of our