Informative Essay On Cochabamba

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“Cochabamba” is an imaginary reality show that is broadcast for 24 hours. The show takes place is in a town in Bolivia. This sounds like an interesting idea, and I am unsure how it can be broadcasted for 24 hours straight. The part that I find the most interesting is some of the things that occur on the show, for example, bribery with a police officer. Another aspect that I find interesting is how most of the people are unaware of them being filmed. The author intended to create a reality show that does not exaggerate or script, although some parts still are, to show the true reality of this town. I believe this article was written to show that the exaggeration of a normally staged reality show will become less staged and more authentic.
Reality TV started to become popular in Spain around 2000. After the season one finale of “Operation Triumph” it began to become much more popular. Some reality TV shows that have been popular and are still popular in Spain include: “Gran Hermano,” “Supervivientes,” “Pekín Express,” and “Mira Quien Salta”. Carmen Ferreiro says
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I forget that shows such as “American Idol” or “X Factor” are considered reality TV shows as well. So I have mixed feelings about reality TV shows because I do not watch many of them, the one I watched the most was “X factor”. I can understand how reality TV is so popular however, mainly because it gives the viewer a sense of comfort to see other people facing similar problems as themselves. However, this is not always a good thing, because reality TV shows can affect people’s lives dramatically. Furthermore, they have to live with a camera in their face all the time and have many different experiences recorded for millions of people to see. Based on what I read in the articles above, I agree that reality TV will continue to shift towards a more “pure” version, because it is more relatable for the