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Have you ever heard of Mike Webster? The famous center that played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for seventeen years. He was only fifty when he died from a heart attack. He had CTE. MIke Webster suffered from over 25,500 blows to head. That’s bound to do some damage. 87 percent of 91 ex-NFL players had a disease linked to head trauma. Because of playing football, Mike Webster died. This is relevant because he is not the only person to die from playing football in the NFL. I don’t think people should play in the NFL because of all the possible injuries that could happen.
One of the main reasons I am against people playing in the NFL is CTE. CTE is “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy” which is a severe disease that occurs in the head (Tom Taylor). According to Junior Scholastics, CTE is caused from a history of repetitive brain trauma, and is common to cause death (Junior Scholastics). Tom Foster most football players won’t know they have CTE until they die. Symptoms of CTE include memory loss, confusion, parkinsonism, suicidality, impulse control problems, and aggression. Sadly those aren’t the worst side effects, “CTE can [also] result in memory loss, depression, and dementia.” (“Is football Too Dangerous”) and most of these things
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According to “Common Football Injuries”, a common injury for players involves the knee (“Common Football Injuries). Knee injuries can sometimes be career ending. “Common Football Injuries” also says that most football players end up complaining about back aches. When the back is overused it can be strained. In the NFL it’s very common for the players’ knuckles to become permanently swollen, depending on the position played. According to "Jammed Finger - Sports Injury Info” the fingers become swollen because they are jammed ("Jammed...Info"). Most of these injuries can have a long recovery time, and even after that the player might not be able to do the same